With Love & Affection

Pet Adoption Event

Save a life, enrich yours. Adopt a Bull Terrier!

Our charter is to prevent cruelty towards bull terriers. We are dedicated to the rescue, care, and permanent placement of bull terriers in need of a forever home. We support and educate new owners.

The Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Club, Inc. was incorporated and became nonprofit 501(c)3 organization on December 7, 1998.

By adopting a Bull Terrier, not only do you get their love and companionship, you get to be their hero. While saving bullies and impacting lives is our main focus, providing educational information and awareness is a good portion of what we do. A lot of animals depend on us and we depend on you. Contact us about adopting, volunteering, or making a helpful donation!

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

- Josh Billings